Welcome to our network of Piñatex textile distributors

Piñatex, our plant-based textile made from pineapple leaf fibre, is now available through our dedicated partners in Europe and North America.

Our network of distributors enables smaller order sizes with lower delivery fees, making it easier for you to access the finest Piñatex materials for footwear, accessories and interiors.

Find your nearest distributor below and join us in revolutionising the textile industry.

Piñatex Distributors in Europe

Germany: KATTUN

Germany: KORKundKULÖR

Poland: Juchcik

UK: Vegan Supplies

Piñatex Distributors in North America

Canada: Alternative Leathers Co.

Can't find a local distributor?

Piñatex is always available to shop on Shopify and through the Ananas Anam Trade Portal.

We are expanding our distributor network globally. To register your interest in a Piñatex distributor in your area, please email us at info@ananas-anam.com.